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Saturday, April 13, 2019

What Mom Never Told You About Best Webinar Software

What Mom Never Told You About Best Webinar Software, That’s the big question. Yet, once you decide that you actually do need it, an even more important question is which of the dozens of solutions should you choose? The market is flooded with options to pick, but we’re here to walk you through What Mom Never Told You About Best Webinar Software..

EverWebinar (www.everwebinar.com)
EverWebinar hopes to make it even easier for the average company. Both live and on-demand webinars are possible with EverWebinar, and you’re able to organize both past and upcoming streams in a beautiful online course format. The streamlined configuration process includes items like landing page templates, emails, and signup forms, making for a rather affordable, and feature-packed webinar software.
Price for EverWebinar is a $597 one-time fee, but that’s usually decreased depending on the promotion being held. For instance, at the time of writing this article, the pricing is $497. 

Features of Everwebinar
  • Chats are possible throughout each webinar – a key element when looking through the best webinar software in the market. You can also run these chats in past webinars for other people to see them as if they were in real-time.
  • EverWebinar integrates with tools for building your email list, tracking, and creating autoresponders.
  • The tracking is rather advanced, with things like purchase ratios, webinar behavior tracking, and an option to see exactly how much money you have made.
  • Email and SMS reminders are included.

Zoho Webinars (www.zoho.com/meeting)

Zoho Webinars is part of the Zoho Meetings software, and it provides smaller companies a cheaper way to have webinars.
To gain access to webinar tools, you must pay $15 per host per month. This gets you support for 25 participants and storage for 25 recordings.
The other plans include a $23 per host per month rate and a $31 per host per month rate.
At $31 per host per month, you can hold webinars for up to 100 participants. There’s also a Free Pan for up to five participants.
Features of Zoho 
  • The pricing is affordable for all plans.
  • It includes feedback tools like polling and Q&As.
  • Webcam sharing is available.
  • You receive analytics for tracking participants.
  • The customizable registration forms can be embedded and include automated emails.

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