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Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Best Resources for Best Ways to Fix the IPhone is Disabled

You then receive a message that says, you entered the wrong password and then, iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes prompt and you panic!

Error usually occurs when you enter the wrong passcode too many times. The first message that iPhone gives you is that your iPhone has been disabled and you should try in one minute (this happens after five wrong attempts); the second message extends the time to sixty minutes, while the third message basically tells you to connect to iTunes. and here is The Best Resources for  Best Ways to Fix the IPhone is Disabled

Firstly, if you have a Mac or a Windows system, then you should connect your iPhone to it, with a lightning cable and launch iTunes.
Secondly, if iTunes is able to detect an issue, then all you have to do is choose the Restore option and iTunes will reset your device.
In the second case, you might receive a prompt that says that the problem can be fixed if you update your iPhone and this will save your content, as well as settings. However, if you update, and it doesn’t work, then you have to choose the Restore option.
Thirdly, if you don’t get the prompt mentioned above, then you can go can chose iPhone and then go to its summary tab. This is where you will choose the Restart iPhone option. This will make iTunes to restore iPhone and you will be able to restart your device again.

iSkysoft Unlock:

iSkysoft Unlock is also an option available to you, if you want to fix the iPhone is disabled prompt. This is a really effective tool, because the process of using this tool is very simple.
The process is an easy click process, which means that if you want to use iSkysoft Unlock, then you don’t even need any technical knowledge.
It is compatible with both iOS 12, as well as iPhone XS as well as iPhone XR.
The first step is to install the iSkysoft Unlock toolbox, either on Mac or on Windows.
The second step is connecting the iPhone with the help of the cable, to the system and click on Start.
The third step is to use the DFU mode present in your phone; iSkysoft Unlock gives you instructions on your screen.

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