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Saturday, April 13, 2019

How To Track Any Android or iOS Phone or Tablet Using FoneMonitor

Internet is one thing that almost every one of us uses because it is the gateway to access a lot of information. There are social networking websites, and apps are created that can be accessed using the internet.

There are many tricks and ideas that you can implement to stop them doing so but it is a great idea to know what they actually are doing, and then make them realise their mistake. That you can track using a tool called FoneMonitor which allows you track phones effortlessly.

FoneMonitor is a tool that allows you to track iPhone and Android phone effortlessly just by doing the small setup. It can track call logs, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media apps as well.Using FoneMonitor account in your computer’s or mobile’s browser, you can keep an eye on the activities of the mobile that you are tracking. 
Track and Read Text Messages of Monitored Device: FoneMonitor enables you to read all the messages and iMessages of the tracked Android and iPhone device. Additionally, you can play and download the MMS as well.
Track GPS Location of Monitored Device: Using FoneMonitor, you can find out the exact location of the monitored device, and also you can find the route history of that device as well.
Spy Phone Calls: When you have to track a phone, call logs are the first thing you want to track. FoneMonitor offers you this. You can have a detailed list of all calls made and received in the tracking dashboard.
Track WhatsApp: WhatsApp is now the global leader of chatting apps as it almost replaced the default messaging system. Everyone uses it nowadays. Hence, tracking it can reveal many things, and FoneMonitor does track it as well.

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