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Saturday, April 13, 2019

How to Reduce File of PDF in Mac

PDF is probably the best document format in the world. Not many Operating Systems in our world aren’t really compatible with each other; even when it comes to day-to-day document formats. In that situation, it is obvious that the Portable Document Format helps a lot.
When compared to other document formats, PDF consume more space. Some files may even weigh more than a few MBs. That’s where you need to think about how to reduce file size of PDF in Mac.

1. Compress PDF Files using is an open website that you can access from Mac, Windows or even your smartphones. However, it does more than compressing the given PDF document. This free site has in-built tools for converting, merging, editing and protecting any PDF file with ease. 
It should be quite helpful when you don’t want to lose the visual quality of the document. Because it’s an online platform, there is no installation process involved. 

The steps for reducing the file size of PDF files via
  1. Open any web browser and log onto
  2. in the next page, you can see the PDF Compression interface.
  3. Just wait for a few seconds when the file is being uploaded. Soon enough, you can see a window like shown in the image.
ere, you have plenty of options, you know. You can download the file, convert it to JPG or save the file directly to Google Drive or Dropbox. In this case, a file of 1.1MB size has been minimized to ~700 KB.
In short, is indeed an awesome way to reduce file size of any PDF document. The best part is that it doesn’t put any watermark on the output file. That having said, if you need benefits like cloud storage and unlimited size, you can subscribe for its premium feature.

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