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Saturday, April 13, 2019

How To Make Money From Blogging Without Google Adsense

If Adsense fails to approve your blog or the earnings ain’t making sense, or you are thinking on How To Make Money From Blogging Without Google Adsense you are in the right place....
Below are the steps on to How To Make Money From Blogging Without Google Adsense.

1. Blog Administration and Management
There are a lot of blog owners out there that need admins that can manage their blogs for them. Some need bloggers that can be posting to their blogs every month and get paid monthly. 

2. Social Media Marketing
As a blogger, you are expected to know how to use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc There are lots of business owners and organizations out there that are willing to pay anyone that can help them promote their products, brand and services on social media. Some will even pay if you can help them manage their social media accounts..

3. Paid Adverts
Do you know apart from Adsense, you can make a lot of money from paid adverts on your blog. All you need to do is to build your blog and strategically promote it to the right set of people. You can then use this as a leverage to convince organizations and business owners to advertise on your blog.

4. Training For Bloggers.
Get paid for training people how to blog. Even if you help them set up a blog for free, they will trust you enough to pay you for custom domain, templates, upgrade to WordPress, blog design etc.
 You can start with Internet Cafes around you, even at your House. One-on-ONe training won’t be bad for a start. All you need is to ensure you have the right information about what you are going to be training others.
You can also offer online training via Whatsapp. Advertise your training on social media networks and tell those interested to join you on Whatsapp for training. You get paid, train them for some weeks and keep doing it.

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