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Saturday, April 13, 2019

How To Host Websites Without Any Digital Footprint

If you manage to get rid of any footprints leading back to you, building your own private blog network can be a very lucrative investment.

 The things need to be considered to hide footprints:

Unique Name Servers

One of the first traps that many digital novices stumble into is not factoring in what effect similar name servers can have on their private blog network. 
if you have a lot of domains on a nameserver that points to the same web host, even if they have different IP addresses, Google can become suspicious.

Masking Your IP Through A CDN

Ways of masking your server’s IP address is by making use of a content delivery network service provider, such as LaunchCDN.
mproved website loading speeds and are not the primary reason CDNs are popular with PBN hosts. Content delivery networks mask origin server IP addresses by routing all domain requests to the different IPs of your CDN provider.

Hosting Footprints

Even though this is the most cost-efficient way, it’s always better to invest extra to make sure your websites will last long term. If you have multiple money sites, for example, if you are running an SEO agency then the most recommended method would be to get around 20 separate hosting accounts on different hosts.
Best Hosting Is Key
 lot of people go for the cheapest option which leads them to SEO Hosting services. You should stay away from these at all costs, as you can see in this deindexation summary, SEO hosting has a deindexation rate of 16-32% compared to a 0% deindexation rate for premium hosting.
This means that the IP you are hosted on could have 15-20 other PBNs on it. Which in itself might be fine, but if Google finds this pattern across a number of different servers the whole server could get penalised.

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