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Friday, April 12, 2019

Best Camera Apps for Android and IOS Can Help You Live a Better Life

Smartphone comes with a camera app with some pretty basic features included as standard. However, default camera apps may not have the full set of features you might want or need.

Here is the Best Camera Apps for Android and IOS  Can Help You  Live a Better Life

1. Manual
The clue is in the name—it’s an app designed for customization, so this isn’t an app that casual users should think about using.
Photographers can manually adjust settings that aren’t usually accessible in most camera apps, including shutter speed, focus, and exposure. If you want to improve your photography even further, Manual lets you save in RAW format to give you the best photo quality, which is useful when you’re learning to edit in Photoshop.
You’ve also got basic histograms and photo maps integrated into the viewfinder as you compose your shots. A rule-of-thirds grid overlay can help you compose the perfect photograph every time you shoot.
Download: Manual for iOS ($3.99)

2. Camera FV-5
Camera FV-5 is another camera app for Android aimed at the professional photography market. It comes as either a free or a paid app, with the paid version giving you access to higher camera resolutions and support for RAW.
With Camera FV-5, photographers have DSLR-like manual controls at their fingertips. Any photographic setting in Camera FV-5 is adjustable, including exposure, ISO, light metering, white balance, shutter speed, and even the program mode. 
Download: Camera FV-5 Lite for Android (Free)
Download: Camera FV-5 for Android ($3.95)

3. Halide Camera
Halide focuses on gesture control to make it easier for users to take their photos. Swiping with your hand lets you change exposure and switch to manual focusing. There’s a fully automatic shooting mode, but you can also manually change the shutter speed, ISO, and white balance.
You’ve got depth visualization (thanks to Halide’s Depth Peaking tool) and a live depth map view to help you with photo quality. The Halide interface has been built with the iPhone X in mind, giving you Portrait Mode shots and one-handed controls.
Download: Halide Camera for iOS ($5.99)

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