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Monday, April 22, 2019

5 Benefits Of The Online Project Management Tool

It is thus necessary to master his project to:

- set up a real organization, whether in terms of team, objectives and actions to be carried out,
- communicate reliably between project stakeholders,
- collaborate actively mission success, because everyone often has an impact on others. Hence to know more about project management tool visit  Zoe Talent Solutions

To control its 3 factors, it is more than useful to set up a project management tool; and in the best case, an online solution, SaaS type (you have to live with your time J).

Such a tool allows you to:

1  flatten out your entire project,
2  monitor and coordinate actions,
3  follow the progress of tasks and respect deadlines,
4  facilitate exchanges,
5  centralize information and elements related to the project,
6  have an overall visibility on the whole project.

Any team will derive real benefits from integrating a solution of this type into their project processes; if of course everyone is involved in the said project.


He will be able to manage his tasks, follow the actions in progress, transmit elements, ... while leaving a trace for the other members of the team.
It is therefore not necessary to send copies to each, memos to keep abreast of developments or have to have the code of your employee to return to his computer in case of absence.

Everything happens online and most good project management software is full of features and options for decision support and management (dashboards, task management, resource management, ...).


Who says online and centralized data, says of course a greater facility to work together, without being in the same office. An OGP SaaS is therefore perfectly indicated:
- to overcome the constraints of inter
- service projects - or implementing employees in every corner of the globe ... or France if we want to remain reasonable.

It is also perfect for cross-business projects where each business department can interact and follow the project without tedious meetings. At the time of digitaltransformation and changes in the way work is done - knowing that one in two executives are regularly telecommuting - the OGP SaaS fully responds to remove the barriers of these new habits.


Even if there are many other communication solutions today (e-mails, CSR, Skype, ... in short!), Integrating an online project management solution will allow everyone to easily find information on the project. It thus makes it possible to reduce considerably the needs in meeting, in mails, grouped or personal.

Its rather complete nature offers, in most cases, the possibility of discussions and comments that remain inside the tool. What in the end, nothing is lost.

It is often a handicap to have to go from a spreadsheet, to a word processor, then to transmit the desired elements by mail ... a very traditional process, but which is both time-consuming and risky with an OGP SaaS, nothing comes out
-> everything is centralized and the exchanges even around the said project are at the center of the tool.


If you chose a OGC SaaS carefully, it is likely that it is stored on highly secure servers, often from the best hosts of the place.

You therefore have all the guarantees so as not to lose the information of your project. We are never immune:
- the error of erasing a file on a computer
- or the crash of the latter, after years of good and loyal services ...
with all the impact that this represents on the project In progress.

Moreover, all the data being shared, the level of information is homogeneous. The elements are not just under the control of a single collaborator (from the moment of course, he keeps the OGP up to date).


Far from expensive software licenses, online project management software also has this great advantage that it is much more accessible to any type of company.
In general, it offers user prices, which are perfectly adapted to the constraints of small businesses or startups. Without commitment and flexibility, the team can perfectly control a cost, often of a few tens of euros, according to the variations of the project.

Where conventional licenses are paid year-round for a defined pool, with multi-zeros rates for business leaders:
The price is a more than competitive advantage ...

While startups have widely adopted SaaS tools in their day-to-day lives, there is still a long way to go for larger companies and more traditional SMEs; but often because it changes their habits.

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