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Monday, November 26, 2018

Steps To Take Before Creating A Blog

Blog is a medium to share your ideas with the whole world, these ideas are presented in reversed chronological order for your readers to enjoy.

Blog posts are presented in reversed chronological order, so your readers can easily the top or most recent post on your blog.
Bloggers should study this post as an essential advice on starting a new blog!
If you have further questions on things to do before you create a new website/blog, do not hesitate to ask using the comment box.
Steps To Take Before Creating A Blog
Depending on several factors concerned:
1. Acquire a skill for your blog:
It is obvious that you do not need a school certificate before you can create your own blog, the fact still remains that you acquire some skills before you start a blog.
Having a skill gives you the confidence to write and publish posts, because its coming within and you do not have to wait for someone else to update their blogs so you can copy and paste on your own. skill which a blogger needs to have
  • Communication skills,
  • Writing skills and
  • Social media sharing strategy
You can also add your graphic design skills, guiding people on how to make various designs like; logo, business cards, flyers, web banners and even more.
Desktop or Laptop computer:
Now you have got skills in you, the next important thing is having a personal computer. This makes you very productive as you can consider it your research and writing tool, where you can make use of word processing software like Microsoft word, Wordpad etc.
Many blogsite like the two most popular; Blogspot and WordPress provide mobile apps to enable bloggers have access to their blog and update blog post content without using desktop/laptop computers.
Power supply:
It is very difficult blogging in an area without steady power supply, this is one of the major challenges faced by Nigerian bloggers.
If this is going to be a case, you may need to buy a generator set, that’s if it is supported in your country, or make provision for solar system; this will help power on your devices as you work.

 Internet access

Depending on your location, this is a serious factor to consider especially if you are in area where there’s no free internet.
Bloggers are heavy internet users, meaning they consume a lot of data or spend more on internet fees/data bundles.
You should have access to a strong and reliable internet connection that has a good speed to make work faster and easier for you.

Choose a blogging platform:

Pick a blog creation site and create a blog:
Deciding which blogging platform to start a new blog on, is a very challenging stage for beginner bloggers.
So many blog creation sites exist:

Don’t just create your website on any blog site you see. There are many paid an free blog creation sites with and marked as top rated platforms.

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