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Saturday, November 24, 2018

How To Use Custom Permalink For Blogspot

Since the Blogspot permalink option is available, we will learn how to make permalinks more useful/meaningful on every single post on blogger.
Using the permalink feature in posts on your blog will help you remove stop words from your link, and to make sure the keyword(s) of your post, are contained in the permalink.
Try and make the permalink short and meaningful as much as you can.
By default, when you write a post, a permalink is generated automatically for your post. However, you can always change it to what you want.

How to use BlogSpot permalink

 considering the application of custom permalink on individual posts, it should be for the basic purpose that you want to filter out some words and include the ones that matter to you in relation to the content of your post
You can access the permalink option whenever you are in the post editor, It can be easily accessed from the right-hand side of your post editor.
Then select the button “Custom permalink” to enter the words of your choice, remember those words should be separated by a hyphen () each. For example
If you still have questions as regards to setting a custom permalink for your blog post, do let me know through the comment section below.

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