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Friday, November 23, 2018

How To Make Money From Your Blog

Many other bloggers who sort to blog and live a boss life still complain they are unable to make enough money to pay their bills.

If you’re making enough money from your blog, you may have to stop reading this. But if you are interested in making money blogging about what you love. This is for you, read on.
Step To Make Money From Your Blog 
The right niche for my blog
I would say the right niche for your blog is the niche you know better or best about.
…choosing a blog niche shouldn’t be placed on the basis of how easy or difficult the niche is.
It should be on the fact that “you have a passion for the niche and can write well on it”.
Did you hear how much money people who are in the Tech & Entertainment niche make from their blog, and you decided to jump into it?
Going into a niche you don’t really know anything about, will make blogging your worst nightmare.
Avoid it:
…go for what you know, and can write about, that’s a simple way to make money from your blog.

Writing about products and services you promote

Many bloggers are Amazon affiliate
…you must have heard about Amazon affiliate and how you can make enough money from it.
Amazon affiliate is just like other affiliate programs where you receive a commission per sale. You can earn up 10% advertising fees for every successful purchased from the Amazon Associates affiliate program.
Let’s say you’re an affiliate and you blog about home management or home appliances.
Writing a post on the following topics will be a boom and earn you enough cash:
  • 55 Household appliances under $25 for single moms
  • 13 Home appliances that will make your home 10x better
Hence you’re honest about what you write, your blog readers will get to know about these products, they will visit through your affiliate link and buy the product.
Time is money …creating value for time is a sure way to productivity
It is obvious writing blog content can be time-consuming and you might not be able to afford the services of article writers.
How come experts are able to write 5-10 or even 15 posts a day on their blog?
…it is very simple, they make effective use of time.
If you have taken your time to conduct proper research before writing an article, it will only take you less than a few minutes to get your article done.
I am less concerned about the frequency at which you publish posts on your blog, search engines aren’t concerned too.


Blogging is all about traffic…
…because of this, many people are lost trying several methods of growing blog traffic, both of which is capable of killing blog rank.
As we covet for blog traffic, we should be able to know that this does not contradict the fact that the amount of revenue we can earn on our blog, increases by the number of available loyal readers and not the number of traffic we have.

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