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Monday, November 26, 2018

How To Increase Blog Comments

Most of the times I see bloggers on Facebook group chats who complain about not getting comments on their blogs. To solve this problem, I will be talking on hand-picked tips to increase blog readership and comments.

We all know that comment is a medium through which bloggers communicate with their readers.
With the help of blog comments, you will get to hear your readers’ opinion about your blog and the types of content you focus on.
Professional bloggers value comments because they receive user feedbacks through comments and this helps them to improve their blogs.
How to increase blog comments

Develop strong strategies to grow your blog traffic.

Blogging is all about traffic:
The internet is very noisy, to get noticed you seriously need to increase your blog traffic and rank high in search results.
You can develop strong strategies to increase blog traffic utilizing different social media platforms.
Your blog post sharing strategies should be very outstanding, you have to be human and do not automate all social share of your blog.
You can join reputable Facebook groups with real and worthy members who can always visit your blog post, read and drop feedback through comments.

Ask questions and get answers in comments:

You can’t imagine how blog questions can help you increase comments on your blog posts.
Quora is a popular platform today simply because it gives people the freedom to ask questions and expect accurate or semi-accurate answers from different authors who are on Quora.
You can now see how far blog questions can take you:

Remember to always ask your readers some relevant questions so they can answer through comments.


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