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Monday, October 22, 2018

Tips To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Hacking Facebook accounts is one of the trending topics on the Internet. Many people become a victim of Facebook hacking, in that more than half of them aren’t able to recover their hacked account due to lack of awareness of recovery techniques. And here are the few tips on how to Recover Hacked Facebook Account.

Here the hacker changed your password as well as your associated email address. This case is somewhat hard to recover since the hacker blocked a way to recover. We have two options in this case. You should either have access to mobile number or old email address.

Recover using Mobile Number

  • Go to Facebook Forgot Password option
  • Enter your mobile number in the text box and click search.
  • You should see your profile with recovery email address and mobile number if any. Select mobile number or email address that you can access right now and then click Continue.
  • Select your mobile number and then click Continue.
  • Check your mobile inbox for recovery code and enter the recovered code in the given text box.
  • That’s all. Set your new password of your Facebook account.

Recover using Email Change Notification

This method can be applied only if you try in few days after your account was hacked.
  • Login to your email account (email that you have given on Facebook) and search for emails from Facebook about the change of email address. Usually, that email subject would be “Facebook primary email changed to”.
  • Click “If you didn’t do this, please secure your account.” link in that email.
  • You will be prompted to “Secure your account“, click continue to proceed.
  • In next step, there might be a variety of recovery options given depending upon your account and security.
    • Upload an ID: You should upload a government ID through the given steps. A Facebook representative will verify it and activate your account and also will notify about it in email
    • Verify your Date of Birth: You should enter your date of birth to proceed to your Facebook account.
    • Guess your friends using their photos: You need to select 5 friends name out of 7 by seeing their photos.

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