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Friday, October 19, 2018

How To Project With Projector Using A Laptop

Connecting your laptop to a projector is relatively simple. While not every setup is identical, because i been projecting for Churches, Schools, Companies and many others.. Projecting has been my business and is what i feed on and am here to tell you guys How to Project With Projector Using A Laptop here are basic steps to help you through the process..

Basic Steps On How To Project With Projector Using A Laptop:
1. Plug one end of a video cable -- the plug will either be a blue VGA plug or a white DVI, depending on the projector -- into the laptop’s video port.

2. lug the other end into the projector’s “video in” port. Again, the port will either be blue (VGA) or white (DVI).

3. Turn on the computer and the projector. when the projector and the laptop is on... 
   go to your laptop to change the display option..
Click on the display option you want.
Choosing "Duplicate" will project the image onto your projector screen, while also displaying it on the laptop screen. "Extend" allows you to use the projector screen and your laptop in a dual-display configuration. This means that both the laptop and projector screens will combine into one huge display; while "Projector only" will shut off your laptop screen and enable viewing on the projector screen only.


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