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There is no denying that Glo are the masters of data bundles in Nigeria, what about Glo tariff plans? Well that’s what we are going to find out.
If Glo network and tariff plans were as great as the massive bundles they dish out, they’d have been up there with the best network provider in Nigeria.


If you don’t go through the rants I’ve made below – you could cut corners and get the plan you want using the table below.
But I’d advise you to read through the rants as they are likely to save your airtime.

Glo Bounce

If you’ve been on the Glo space for a while. Most subscribers take pride in this Glo tariff as it offers one of the best call rates you’d binge subscribe to ASAP. Especially when you know that for Glo it costs just 11k/s to call people on the same plan.
If you are the type that often make international calls, you’ll appreciate this plan.
While the same leniency is not guaranteed for other networks, Users get to get a 15k/s rate to other networks which is fair if you ask me. SMS rate here costs N3 per SMS.
What are the Pros of subscribing to the plan:
  • N11k/s call rate to Glo bounce subscribers
  • 15k/s call rate to other networks
  • 15MB for every N200 recharge
  • Free Ring Back Tunes
To Subscribe To Glo Bounce:
Dial *170*4#

Glo 11K/s – Best For International Calls

There’s no much difference between the Glo bounce and the Glo 11k/s tariff – the only difference is that this plan offers a 11k/s to all Glo users whether or not they are subscribed to the plan, while a 15k/s rate  applies to other local networks.
The best part is the plan call rate at 15k/s applies to 30 countries like the Us, Uk, Sweden, Spain, Israel, Japan, Norway and much more.
To Subscribe Simply Dial *211#
You’d also get to enjoy free 10 minutes of free browsing monthly.
Before you subscribe to this plan you should know the prepaid plan requires a N5 fee to enjoy all the features it offers.
Well, I might not be the best mathematician during my secondary school days but I know this for sure. N5 * 30 = N150 just  to keep the plan running is a rip off. A onetime fee of that amount would have been better to be begin with. But with incurring charge of N5 everyday this is a no-brainer.
However, users that can look beyond the meager N5 daily fee – this tariff plan is an overkill.

Glo Infinito – Best Glo Tariff For Family & Friends

Glo infinito is ideal for people that often call friends and family. Instead of burning your airtime, you could easily subscribe to the infinito where you’d register 10 friends family phone numbers saving you extra expenses.
With a 22k/s call rate and flexible feature to call other networks on your family and friends list for 22k/s – this plan is a winner!
Instead of burning airtime on frequent called numbers – add them up to your F&F list to enjoy discounted charges.
How to Add 10 frequent Called Contacts:
Dial *101*9*2#
How To Migrate to Glo Infinito Tariff:
Simply Dial *100*9*2#

Glo Jollific8

For Glo new subscribers the Jollific8 is perhaps the most attractive plan you can binge subscribe to before exploring other options.
Are you a new Glo subscriber? Count yourself lucky cause the Jollific8 offers 800% bonus on each airtime recharge.
Okay Let’s do the math:
2+2= 4-1 = 3 (Quick Maths) No! not that kind of Man’s not Hot Maths.
N100 Recharge gets you N800 + 10MB
N200 Recharge offers N1600 + 25MB
Just keep the maths going and that’s exactly what you get.
Well, the tariff doesn’t sit well with most subscribers as the call rate is charged at 67k/s. However, if you’d recharge at the range of N5000 recharge you can get up to N40,000 + 500MB plus (N2000).

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