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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review: Samsung has maintained its annual end of summer appointment and presented the new Galaxy Note 9. The new phablet with nib improves the previous model (find here our comparison between Note 8 and Note 9), already almost perfect, and it is confirmed to be the best smartphone for the premium sector and continues to give a nod to business users.

Packaging, Content, And Unboxing

What’s in the Galaxy Note 9 box? The format of the Note 9 package remains unchanged from what we are used to seeing, but this year Samsung decided to highlight the new nib. Once you have completed the unboxing of Note 9 you find yourself making a complete endowment: 9V / 1.67A power supply compatible with the quick charge (you will complete a charge in about 2 hours), a USB / USB-C cable, a small adapter from micro USB to USB-C, an adapter for the use of USB-C to USB-C, some spare tips for the S Pen and a pair of excellent in-ear AKG headphones. In the box there is not a cover but we have already made a deepening where we recommend the best covers for Galaxy Note 9.

Design And Construction
Samsung has decided not to distort the design of Note 9; the lines remain therefore almost identical to last year’s model. The materials remain the perfect combination of glass (Gorilla Glass 5) and opaque aluminum, regarding positioning of the components only minor changes have been made compared to the previous model. The side keys still provide the presence of the Bixby key: useless in our market, but that could be convenient if you were given the opportunity to remap it according to your needs. The fingerprint sensor has been repositioned: now it is more central and more easily accessible, although perhaps still a bit ‘too high. The dimensions remain important; we are talking about 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm, and a weight of 201 grams, features that do not make it the most ergonomic of the devices. Note 9 is not easy to use with just one hand, but changes to the design allow to avoid the soap effect and to be able to hold it firmly using one hand. It should be said that Samsung has done everything possible to make the smartphone as comfortable as possible to use and has proficiently improved the ergonomics thanks to the small step created along the edges, detail that allows you to have a firmer grip. The smartphone remains IP68, therefore resistant to water and dust, and the same certification is also valid for the S Pen. The nib remains on the bottom right and can be extracted from the slot by pressing the button and then pulling the new S Pen; this mechanism allows you to effectively avoid accidental releases.

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